Thanks to an exciting collaboration between Skillz Gaming and Microgaming, we're proud to invite you to play the thrilling Battle Mania slot. It's very different to most fantasy-themed mobile slots as it's heavily influenced by roleplay games (a.k.a. RPGs). So, if you're looking for an adventure of a different kind, we think you'll love the Battle Mania slot game.

Our Verdict:

In Battle Mania, you get to choose a team to help you win battles against evil monsters, and in return for your efforts, you can gain cash prizes, win boosts, free spins, and special powers. And, as you travel through the different lands as part of your Battle Mania experience, extra winning opportunities arise in the form of new bonus features.


When you launch the Battle Mania slot on your mobile phone or tablet, you start by choosing how much you wish to stake. The minimum and maximum allowable bets are 50p and £100 respectively.

Next, you pick which team you wish to fight your battles, and as you make progress later in the game, new teams become available.

Each team has different volatility levels. So, if you prefer to ride it out until you win big or play it safe with smaller wins awarded more frequently, you can choose a team with the appropriate amount of volatility. It's also worth noting that you can switch teams after any battle.

You'll notice that we say ‘battle' and not spin, and this is because the Battle Mania slot game operates quite differently to most Microgaming mobile slots. At the beginning of each round, your "heroes" take their places on the battlefield where they'll attempt to defeat the enemy using Mana points. To make your mission easier, you can pick up character ability cards during play which can heal your heroes or cause extra damage.

Wild Symbol:

Battle Mania does not use a wild symbol.

Bonus Features:

In the Battle Mania slot, you have the opportunity to explore five different islands, and each island comes with a bonus feature. The first time that you play, only Forest Island is unlocked, but by defeating your enemies in battle, you can unlock more islands by collecting special stones.

Once you've unlocked an island, you cannot access its bonus feature until you pick up a Bonus Card. For example, Forest Island has a Boss Fight Bonus where you can win up to twenty thousand coins; Swamp Island has a Villains' Wave Bonus, and the Desert Island bonus awards you five free battles. Plus, if you unlock the Treasure Island Bonus, a 25% win boost is applied to all prizes won while the event is still live.

We mentioned earlier that Battle Mania could also help you out by granting you character ability cards which can be used during battles to help your heroes out. For instance, Diabla the Necromancer can instantly overcome the enemy using a cloud of dark magic while Miandra the Mermaid can take four points off the enemy's health meter using a tsunami wave.