Gamevy is back, and this time they are taking two of your favourite types of gambling games and combining them to create one huge powerhouse – Boss the Lotto. If you are familiar with the developer Gamevy's previous work then you may already have an idea of how this game will work, however, if you have not played any of their game's before prepare to be blown away by its originality and the huge cash wins that are potentially on offer for a very small wager!

Our Verdict:

Boss the Lotto is a game that is sure to have you on the edge of your seat as every move that you make can either bring you closer to a huge win or you could lose it all with just the click of one button. Players will need to make sure that they are feeling lucky with this game as there is no strategy to implement and there is an RTP of 91%. The simplicity of this game is what makes it so great as essentially all you need to know is not to choose a bad ball or the game will end. Give it a go today if you are looking for a game that offers something just a little bit different.

How to Play:

Boss the Lotto is not like your standard slot game, so you won't be choosing reel to play or worrying about fixed paylines! There is only one decision that you need to make with this game, and that is how big a bet you would like to place on the game! Once you are decided on this, you can simply hit play, and away you go. All players then need to do is start choosing balls of which there are 6 bad balls but 43 good ones. If you can bag yourself 6 good balls in a row, you will have your money doubled! The decision to carry on playing and make an attempt at more wins is then up to, or you can cash in!

Betting and Payouts:

The aim of this game is to choose 6 good balls in a row, and the payouts are al; centred around this concept. Once you have chosen 6 good balls, players will have their wager doubled! This game is fantastic as it does not require you to bet obscene amounts of money to be in with a chance of grabbing the top prize as the maximum you can bet is just £10. However, if that still seems a little too high for you can always start at just £1 and make your way up from there. To bag yourself the top prize you will need to pick out all of the good balls and no bad ones.

Additional Features:

There is no additional features present within Boss the Lotto, however, as this game is, so tension filled you will be directing your full attention towards making sure you keep luck on your side, as you aim to uncover those good balls.