Is there anyone who does not get excited to see the first glimpse of snow falling outside? We don't think there is as everyone knows this means building snowmen, having snowball fights and going sledding! When the snow starts falling in the slot game Snowflakes, you'll get that same feeling of excitement as you know this will not only mean hours of fun are spinning its reels but also big cash wins!

Our Verdict:

Snowflakes are falling all around in this fun game from NextGen Gaming! Players can start spinning the reels covered in snowflakes of all different shapes and sizes from as little as 30p today. With 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines you are sure to make some huge wins!

Wild Symbol:

Snowflakes has one wild symbol that you cannot bypass on your reels as it is simply the word WILD, but it appears to be written in the snow. The wild symbol in this game is very similar to other slots in that it will replace all other symbols on your reels to make further winning combos and present you with more big cash wins! There is only one symbol that you will find the wild does not replace and this is the scatter symbol as this symbol will trigger the free spins round within the game.

Icy Wild:

This is the first bonus feature that you will find in the slot game Snowflakes, however, this round is not triggered by any of the symbols on your reels as it triggers completely randomly! When this round does trigger, it will add 1 wild symbol to each of your reels after you have spun them. This should then lead to more winning combinations, and more big cash wins straight into your pocket.

Wild Wind:

Wild Wind is the second bonus feature that you will find in Snowflakes. If you are not a fan of slot games with lots of bonus features, then don't worry as this bonus feature is not complicated at all and is essentially the same bonus as the Icy Wild except for one small detail. This bonus feature is also randomly triggered and will add a wild on to each of your reels, but the difference is that the wild symbols will be placed on to your reels while they are spinning rather than being placed on your reels once they have stopped spinning.

Free Spins:

If you have spotted a beautiful blue, pink and purple luminescent ball on your reels then this is actually the game's scatter symbol! The scatter symbol can trigger the free spins round in this game, and the more it lands, the more free spins you will bag yourself, however, it will need to land a minimum of 3 times on your reels to trigger the free spins, and there are 15 free spins up for grabs.
7 free spins = 3 scatter symbols
10 free spins = 4 scatter symbols
15 free spins = 5 scatter symbols
What's great about this round is that you can bag yourself more free spins by landing scatter symbols on your reels during the free spins bonus round.