Totem Poles are commonly associated with native North American people and are huge monumental sculptures that have been carved out of large trees. They symbolise cultural beliefs of historic events, familiar legends, and clan lineages and you can immerse yourself too in this culture with the fantastic slot game from Thunderkick Games Turning Totems! Featuring 2 fun bonus symbols, a wild symbol, and high-quality graphics, this is a game that will appeal to all types of players.

Our verdict:

With bets per spin starting at 10p and rising all the way up to £100, everyone can try out the fantastic slot game Turning Totems! Players will be transported to the middle of the sizzling hot North America desert which is not only full of indigenous people and cacti but also lots of totem poles which will act as your 5 reels and 11 fixed paylines in this game! Not only will you find your usual wild symbols in this game but also 2 exciting bonus features that will keep you spinning for hours on end!


The simplicity of Turning Totems is what makes this game so great, as although you will find some great bonus features, the symbols on your reels are all extremely simple and are totem poles in a variety of different colours including yellow, green, red, blue and pink. The high-quality graphics of this game are what make it really stand out amongst the crowd of other slot games on the market.

Wild Symbol:

The wild symbol is always the most important symbol on a player's reels, and this is no different in Turning Totems. The totem pole that is asleep is the wild symbol in this game, and it will substitute in for all other symbols on your reels to generate more winning combinations and present you with even more wins. The sleeping totem pole wild symbols also play a big role in the Thunder Snake bonus feature which is described below.

Thunder Snake:

Thunder Snake is the first bonus feature you will come across when playing Turning Totems. The symbol which will trigger this round and turn entire reels into Thunder Reels is the grey totem pole with a colourful purple and yellow snake lying across it. Players will instantly know when the Thunder Reels have been activated as the small creature sitting above you reels will then transform into a beautiful gold colour and stand tall. What's more, during this round all of the sleeping totem pole wild symbols will then open their eyes and transform into your standard wild symbol while you are rewarded with a free spin.

Bonus Game:

The Thunder Snake feature is back for the bonus game round as this bonus will be activated if 3 or more of the Thunder Reel are currently working! Players will be given five free spins and not only that; the Thunder Reels will carry on as you spin which can only lead to one thing – lots of big wins straight into your account.