Well of Wonders is a stunning slot game from Thunderkick Games that does not follow your standard formula as you will find no reels or paylines in the heart of this magical forest! There are many beautiful stones floating above the well that will work to provide you with lots of wins, plus other magical creatures in this game such as the fairies are on hand to provide you with more opportunities to win big!

Our Verdict:

Players who are looking for a slot game that offers something different will love to test out Well of Wonders. There is really no other game on the market like this one, and its unique selling point is definitely the fact that there are no reels or paylines within the game. Players will, however, still find a wild symbol and one bonus feature to help them take home those big wins. If you want to try out Well of Wonders today, make a bet of anywhere between 10p and £100 to get started playing. How much money do you think you can retrieve out of the bottom of this well?

How to Play:

As Well of Wonders does not contain any reels or paylines, you may be wondering how exactly you can get started playing this game! The basic premise is simple in that players will want to get 3 or more matching symbols to win big prizes. Any stones that form part of a winning combo will then be replaced by new stones resulting in more wins! Each time you get a win, you'll receive a multiplier of 2x, and the multiplier number that you are sitting at will appear on a stone below the well to help you keep track. If you do not get a win, your multiplier will then be reset.

Wild Symbol:

Wild symbols are always a staple in slot games, and players love them as they will help you bag a tonne of huge wins! This wild symbol follows the usual formula in that it will replace the other symbols on your reels which will then result in more winning combinations and provide you with bigger wins. Who doesn't want that? Players won't miss the wild symbol appearing on their reels as this symbol is a stunning grey stone featuring a carved letter W into it which also glows to grab your attention.

Fairy Bonus Feature:

The Fairy Bonus feature is the only bonus feature that you will find in Well of Wonders, and it will help you take home lots of huge wins! The fairies flutter around the game, and they will come to life each time you make a spin that does not result in a win. The fairies will then collect the single stones, take them away, and then place new ones there from the well. Players can then expect to receive more wins! What's more, the fairies will also increase the multiplier by one to ensure that you are taking home even more big wins.