The enchanting wizardry and witchcraft are upon us all in this brand new NetEnt slot game named Witchcraft Academy.  With the mysterious magical symbols and accompanying music to entertain you, the possibility of you turning into a witch or wizard may actually be possible.  This multi-line video slot game has many different options to win a jackpot prize but also a scatter feature that is innovative and exciting.

Our Verdict:

Forget the normal multiline slot games that get you bored after five minutes as this one is extremely addictive.  There is so much going on here that you will want to play for many hours to get the full gaming experience.  You would fully expect that the minimum bet on one of these modern slot games to be around 50p or £1, however, it is actually 1p.  As such, for a very small starting amount, you could be playing all night long.  The maximum amount that you can play for is £200 for those high spenders.


NetEnt slot games are already known for their really high-quality design and graphics, and this one is no different.  A lot of time (and money) has been invested in getting every last detail of this game correct.  This is from the magical, enchanting symbols where you can see owls, princes, witches or dragons.  To accompany you spinning the reel, there is also some addictive slot music playing in the background.

Wild Symbol:

As you would expect there is a Wild Symbol available on this game.  If you manage to get this on any of the reels (or all of them), then this will substitute every symbol with the exception of the bonus scatter.  The wild symbol on this game is a yellow background with the letters US appearing in red on the front.  The wild symbols can also be spun during the bonus features.

Scatter Bonus:

In terms of bonus features, the one on Witchcraft Academy rates very highly in terms of animation, playability but also the potential jackpot that can be won.  In this one feature, you can win up to 8,000 of your original stake in just one spin.  In order for you to activate the bonus then spin a minimum of 3 bonus symbols in a spin.  You will then be taken to a special room where you can choose the witch or wizard to terminate the Armour Guards.  With each one, you destroy you will receive either cash, free spins or a multiplier to be used in the next part of the feature.

Free Spins Bonus:

If you want to add more free spins to the ones already won in the Elements Bonus then you will require to spin the bonus symbol.  If you spin 2 of the bonus symbols whilst the Elements Bonus game is active, then you will receive 5 free spins immediately added to the balance of the ones you already have active.  If you spin 3 bonus symbols then you will receive 10 free spins, 4 bonus symbols 15 and 5 bonus symbols a maximum of 20 free spins.